Monday, January 27, 2014

Chrome Store Apps we're rolling with

So there are a ton of great apps, extensions and webclips available for Chromebooks, and the number is growing all the time!  Our team in Moore County has finished putting together a list of Chrome Store apps that we want to make available for teachers and students and we thought others might benefit from seeing where we're starting.

We categorized them in two ways, depending on how we wanted to make them available.  Our general Chrome management has given us the easy opportunity to allow:

Teachers:  Able to access the full web store and download/install any app or extension of their choosing
Students:  Able to access our district-controlled "Moore @ School" Web Store, from which they can install any app or extension that is provided in the store.

We created this page on our digital learning site to manage this moving forward.  From here, teachers can submit a form for any app/extension they would like to have added to be available for student download.

On the bottom of the page are all the pre-loaded apps we are pushing out as well as all of the apps we're currently making available for student download via the "Moore @School" Web Store.  Here is a direct link to that list as a G Doc, if you would like to see where we are starting from.

This list will undoubtedly change as we roll Chromebooks out.  Check back often!
-Steve J

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