Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Digital Learning Showcase

MCS Digital Learning Showcase

You don't have to look far in our district to see some great things happening in the way of digital learning.  Our students are learning in ways they had not previously been able to thanks to our digital learning initiative.  This was very apparent last week at our Digital Learning Showcase hosted by Union Pines High School.

The evening kicked off with some very talented learners in grades 1, 2, and 5 explaining how their learning has changed this year as a result of their digital learning pilot.  Students from five Moore County elementary schools were part of a pilot to help us determine what devices are best for student learning at those age groups.  With an extensive variety of apps and web tools available to students, it was interesting to see the projects they came up with.  Each grade level had a common project they had to complete and though they are similar, they are also very different.  You can check those out here.  The next day we discussed the pilot and the pros and cons of each device.  It looks like Chromebooks are the clear winner, thus continuing our Chromebooks in Education journey in Moore County Schools.  We are unsure at this time what the timeline for Elementary roll-out will be but we know there will be awesome things that happen when we get devices in the hands of these students.

Each middle and high school in our district was at hand that evening showcasing their digital learning.  It was truly the highlight of the year for Moore County Schools thus far.  Everyone in attendance really enjoyed themselves and it seemed that most were disappointed the night had to come to an end.  The students all represented their schools with class and were very knowledgeable of their devices and the tools they were showcasing.  

Hats off to our digital team and the fabulous classroom teachers for not being afraid to think outside the box and truly engaging our students and making learning relevant to the types of learners we have in our schools today.  

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