Monday, December 12, 2016

With just a few days left, we are excitedly making the final preparations for our first annual [?] FTC Winter Warriors event. Union Pines High School will host all seven Moore County sponsored teams: UPHS (2), PHS (2), NMHS, WPMS, and NCMS. This sort of “live action” tests will prove incredibly helpful for our kids to get the feedback they need to improve their bots and programs. Our kids and coaches have been working hard for months and I’m glad we can give them this opportunity to test their designs, engineering choices and programming skills in a fun way before they try to qualify for “states” in January.


What is FTC?
First Tech Challenge robots are by far the most customizable and challenging bots in the MCS robotics k-12 family. Teams start with only a box of metal, wires and cell phones to construct what they hope will be a highly functioning bot. They have to analyze the year’s challenge, collaborate on a strategy for scoring, then design and build to that plan. Building well is hard but that isn’t enough though for FTC success, students then have to build an multiple computer programs that allows the robot to be controlled by hand as well as programs that the robot runs autonomously.

This event is also a great example of the generosity of the Moore County community and beyond. The robots and competition floors were all made possible through the gifts of the Public Education Foundation and Microsoft Inc. I have to also thank the Digital Integration team of MCS who all volunteered their time and talents to plan and staff the event as well as our terrific hosts at UPHS.

You should come!
The Winter Warriors are taking over the Auxiliary Gym at Union Pines High School Thursday. 1981 Union Church Road in Cameron. The first of 14 rounds begins at 11 AM and our champions will be crowned around 3PM. Come see what it’s all about and encourage the kids to win it all. Park in the grassy field and you can sign-in at the Gym entrance.

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