Friday, March 17, 2017

6th Grade Science Coding Infusion

Looking for a fun way to review the Layers of the Earth?

...Oh...did I mention infusing a little computer science too?

Over the past few weeks, Mrs. Yeager, from Southern Middle, and Mrs. Greer & Mrs. Clark, from West Pine Middle, have joined me in teaching students how to infuse a little coding into their science classrooms.  

Let's review the lesson steps so YOU may try this in your classrooms!

1.  Go to the following website:
2.  Click "login"
3.  Click "Allow"

This is where I explain the coding platform and tell the students that coders use two windows: the definitions window and the interactions window.  The definitions window is where the code is written and the interactions window will show mistakes in code after running the program.  If there are no errors, the code will run the program.

4.  Type the following code on the left side of the screen:
(circle 50 "solid" "red")

6.  Click "run" at the top left of the page     

A red circle should appear on the right side of the screen.  If it doesn't, have students analyze the code for errors.

7.  Now, type the following code on the left:
(overlay(circle 50 "solid" "red")              
             (circle 100 "solid" "orange"))

This should look like this after students click "run."

So, now that the students know the overlay code, they will need to figure out how to represent the four layers of the Earth.
* Hint:  The parentheses might be confusing.  The ONLY time there are double parentheses will be at the end of the entire code.  Therefore, the final solution would look like this:


If students want to explore further, have them click on "Documentation" and look up how to code tons of shapes and ideas!

 Happy Coding!

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