Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No Clickers? No Problem!

No Clickers? No Problem!
Try Plickers a New Tool for Student Engagement!

   Plickers is a digital tool that works a lot like clickers or responders. Although, an actual clicker/responder is not needed for student response. Each student is assigned a card with a Plicker code that contains answer choices A-D.  A student's answer choice will be determined by the direction in which the card is held. 

Sample Plicker Bar Graph Response
Sample Plicker Card

   Plickers are an inexpensive alternative to student clickers/responders, and work in much the same way. After each student response is recorded by the teacher scanning the room with a mobile device, a bar graph of student response data will be given. Plickers are a fantastic way to assess student understanding of a given topic in a fast, easy, and inexpensive way!

~Deanna Spizzirri

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