Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Movenote AwesomeSauce

About a month ago, my friend and colleague Tyler Callahan (@STEM_TC) introduced our team to a great new tool, Movenote.  On this blog space, Tyler wrote about how he helped a high school Bio teacher use this tool to great effect.

When I first saw the student examples sent, I knew Movenote was one of those tools that come along and check a ton of boxes off my own personal digital tool checklist:
  • Can be used in any content area
  • Students have opportunities to express their creativity and imagination
  • Students are able to showcase their content mastery and understanding
  • Easy to personalize and "make it their own"
  • Incorporates student voice- literally and figuratively
  • Allows public publication and easy sharing on the web
In other words, it's one of those great tools that is easy, highly flexible, easy to share out, and works across devices.  I had a pretty good idea that it could also check the box off for "spans a wide age range" but decided to try it out with my own girls at home to make sure.

So, my kindergartener Kenna (who will be in 1st next year) had to do a report on an animal she had seen at the zoo.  So we whipped my Chromebook out and I helped her to put a short slide presentation together on ostriches.  She was then able to flip over to Movenote, load her presentation, and record the following Movenote:

I sent the link to my daughter's amazing kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Demolet, and she was able to easily pull it up and play it for the class.  And what's more, Movenote has a replay/commenting feature so Mrs. Demolet had her students send this Movenote back as a response (they're all doing the BYEEEEEEEE thing at the end- so funny).

So this is a tool that can be used all the way from AP Bio down to kindergarten (with support and help).  I also let my 2nd grader (now 3rd grader) handle it and it's worth noting that I didn't have to help her with anything at all.

What a great and flexible tool for students to be able to take content, make it their own, and personalize an easy creation that shows what they know as well as lets them be creative!  I hope you'll try Movenote in your classroom. :)

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