Monday, June 23, 2014

Tips to Start the New School Year

Setting Your Class up for Success

   As another school year quickly approaches, there are some points to consider for organizing your class with technology. With many schools now using Chromebooks, there are many methods teachers can use to stay organized and connected with students.
   Once teachers receive his/her class lists, it is helpful to create student contacts on Google Drive. 

   Within the contacts folder, teachers can create class groups, enter in each student's name, and email address. By creating a class group, the teacher will be able to send emails and share documents with the entire period at one time. 
   After contacts and contact groups have been created, the teacher can now send and receive assignments from students! In addition, instructors can set up class folders on Google Drive, to maintain organization of student work. By creating individual class folders, student submission of work will be housed in a common spot and prevent your shared folder from being overloaded.
  Enjoy staying organized this school year!
~Deanna Spizzirri

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