Friday, November 14, 2014

Haiku Deck - Transform your Presentations

Don't get me wrong, I love Google Presentations just as much as the next guy. But sometimes I want to create a presentation that's got some flavor to it. That's when I found Haiku Deck. This award-winning creation tool allows its users to create simple, yet beautiful and fun stories. These presentations can easily by shared, posted, embedded on a website or blog, or viewed on a web-based device. Some of the game-changing features of Haiku Deck include: 
  • a range of stylish themes
  • the ability to upload images to use as your background including millions of free images
  • text that makes your presentation pop
  • charts that provide sleek visuals to represent your data

Whether your students have Chromebooks or iPads, this free software will be sure to turn their ordinary stories into inspirational presentations. To learn more about Haiku Deck, including a gallery of featured decks, tips on how to optimize your decks, and more reviews, be sure to visit and begin creating your own engaging presentations. 

-Clint Rogers

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  1. Thanks so much for the nice write-up, Clint! You might enjoy our ultimate resource guide we created just for educators: Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Lisa from Team Haiku Deck