Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Online Bulletin Boards with Padlet

   As teachers, we are always looking for new ways to spark discussion, share resources, and communicate with students. Padlet is a multi-functional tool that has various benefits in the classroom. Not only is Padlet a free website, but contributors do not need to have an account in order to access it. Below is a list and short description of ways to use Padlet in your classroom!

Option 1: Group Discussion
  • The teacher can post a question onto his/her Padlet wall and share it with students. Padlet walls can be shared through email, QR codes, links, or even writing it down on a whiteboard.
  • As students access the Padlet, they can begin to discuss the question or topic. The discussion occurs in real time, so as students respond, their responses will appear immediately.
  • Students do not need an account in order to respond to a discussion!

**There is now a layout option on Padlet, that allows the teacher to effectively organize responses.

Option 2: Anticipatory Sets/Closures to a Lesson
  • At the end of your lesson, you can assess your students' understanding by having them comment on their learning. 
  • By switching on the "moderate" option, it will prevent students from seeing each other's posts.
Option 3: Assignment or Project Sharing
  • As students complete a project, have him/her share the link to their assignment/project on a Padlet wall, so others can view.
To start using Padlet, go to padlet.com and begin creating engaging, digital bulletin boards for your class!

~Deanna Boesch

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