Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Have you ever wondered what Rosa Park's Website would look like?  
What about Albert Einstein's? 

Why not have students create one using 

Students don't have to "sign up," they just "log in" using their School Google Accounts.

Student Work Samples from Mrs. Oakley's Classes at 
New Century Middle:

More samples coming soon :)

Last year's MCS Pilot Websites:

Step by step:

Log in and choose your theme.  

It's just like a Word Program!  Just click on the words to add your own titles.

Just like this...

Just drag and drop these tool boxes right onto the site to display pictures, embeds, extra text, slideshows, contact forms, etc...

When you are satisfied with your newly created website, click the "PUBLISH" tab.

You even get to choose your own domain name!

And that's it!  You have a free, published website for the world to enjoy!

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