Monday, December 22, 2014

Teacher Feature - PCHS ELA

I want to feature a few teachers from Pinecrest ELA department that have integrated technology into writing poetry and an independent reading project.

Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Klingenschmidt had their students create a video from their poetry using Animoto. Animoto is an easy website to use in which you can quickly create a professional-looking video that flows to the music chosen. Students used computers, phones, tablets, etc. to complete this project. Mrs. Klingenschmidt even set up a cafe-style classroom when the students presented their projects to the class.

Check out these projects:

I also wanted to highlight a project that Mrs. Scruggs used with her ELA classes. The students had to create a Google site as a final project to an independent reading. What I liked so much about Mrs. Scruggs project was that she gave the students choices of what they would do in each section. She broke her project into five main sections: Characters (30 pts), Setting (10 pts), Comparisons (10 pts), Artwork (30 pts), Vocabulary (10 pts) and Review Game (10 pts). Students had several options to choose under each section. Some options were to create a timeline, create a 25 word dictionary, write a 400-500 word essay, create a collage to represent the setting or create a comic strip about the book. 

Check out the very detailed project created by one student:

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