Friday, October 7, 2016

TEACHER FEATURE - Mrs. Henry Uses Recap to Promote Public Speaking Skills

Last year, we were all excited to use an awesome digital public speaking tool called "Movenote."  Unfortunately, that program no longer offers a free educational option.  Have no fear!  A new tool has arrived on the scene!  Recap allows teachers to set up specific classes and assign students activities, where they may record themselves "speaking" an answer instead of simply submitting it via paper.  

When I entered Mrs. Henry's 6th grade ELA classes at West Pine Middle, students were so excited to explore this new tool.  I taught a lesson describing universal theme.  I showed 3 music videos and we discussed possible themes.  One of the best themes of the day was stated by Ally G.  After watching the video "So Small" by Carrie Underwood, Ally said, "Life may be made up of struggles, but they only make you stronger."  Below are other student samples demonstrating the recap tool:

Click HERE to watch video clip

Students learned that it is not easy to speak publicly.  They must eventually learn to only use their notes for talking points and not simply read words from a paper verbatim.   This is definitely a skill, which Recap may assist students in mastering.

The following week, Mrs. Henry was excited to use this tool with her students.  She decided to have them create 5 sentences using the book they were reading, while also implementing new vocabulary words.  That's 3 tasks in one, plus practice speaking publicly!  

The main goals for best utilizing this new digital tool are to:

- ensure students learn how to only look down at their notes periodically
- look into the camera when speaking
- speak with personality and vibrance
- especially speak clearly and with an appropriate volume

Using recap after viewing presidential and vice presidential debates is another effective lesson!
Recap would also be an excellent tool for creating public service announcements!  

How does one set up Recap for their classroom?

It's easy!  Yes, you have to type students' names into each class you crate, but only their first name and last Initial.  It only took me about 15 minutes to create 4 classes containing 25-28 students each.

After adding your students, click "Add Recap"


Then, you type a question or a few questions.  Students answer each question with a video recording.

After clicking "next," select "whole class" or individual students.  This is perfect for differentiating!  You may choose video length allowance and due date too.


After students complete the activity, a teacher may watch each video from anywhere!

We all know that pencil and paper lessons are still extremely necessary!  It is imperative that students learn proper handwriting skills and excellent grammar.

The best part about Recap though even more so than the strengthening of students' public speaking skills, is the excitement on the faces of students when they find out they will be creating a digital assignment.  


You may login to and click 
"login with Google" through your .net account.  
Choose "Teacher," 
and have FUN!

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