Thursday, May 8, 2014

Infographics in the Classroom

An infographic is a way to take a complicated topic and display it in a visually appealing design that is easy to understand. It combines text and graphics in a meaningful way. Students must thoroughly know the material to create a good infographic. To learn more about infographics and to see some good examples of infographics, visit Kathy Schrock's blog.

Students have access on their Chromebooks to an infographic creation tool called Piktochart in the Chrome Web Store.

Piktochart is a very easy tool to use. Students can login with their Google Drive account and choose from several templates to create their infographic. Students can even upload their own pictures for use in the infographic. When the infographic is complete, students should download it as a .jpg or a .png file to share with the teacher through Google Drive. Students will not need a lot of instruction on how to use Piktochart; however, they will need guidance on how to create a good infographic. 

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