Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Student Feature - Movenote in AP Biology

For this week's Student Feature, I would like to showcase a student from Union Pines High School in Cameron, NC.  Gavin is a sophomore at Union Pines and created a Movenote Video on Lipids in his AP Biology class.  Gavin's teacher, Glenn Caviness, was very impressed by his video because of its accurate information with the right touch of humor.

      +Movenote         @Movenote 

Movenote is a web-based tool that allows users to record themselves presenting slides, pictures or presentations.  Mr. Caviness used this tool to have his AP Biology students create review videos that were shared out with others in the class using Google Docs.  Students could then view their classmates videos to study for the End-of-Course Test.

You can check out Gavin's Movenote video here or by copying and pasting the following link in your browser:

There are several other students who created Movenote videos and shared them out with the class.  The links below will take you to those presentations.
Mitosis & Meiosis:
Population Growth:
Circulatory System:
Nitrogen Cycle:
Cell Structure:
Evidence for Evolution:
Cellular Respiration:

To contact Mr. Caviness about this project, you can email him at 

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