Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Student Feature of Glogster at Westmoore!


  For this week's student feature, Mrs. Ellis' 7th grade ELA students, wished to share their Glogster presentations. Glogster is an online tool that allows students and teachers to create interactive online posters. These posters can include links to webpages or documents, and can be embedded with text, pictures, video, and audio.
      Mrs. Ellis' students used Glogster to create a summary poster of their recently completed book, The Giver. Their poster had to include events and dialogue critical to the story's main idea and a timeline of story events. Below are links to the students' Glogster pages, and their opinions about the project.

C. Bartholomew

   It's a whole lot better than writing an essay because you can add pictures, and it isn't as frustrating to get your thoughts out. It makes the paper easier to read because the words are in smaller groups. It's a much better presentation. 

   I like the Glogster because it is easier. You can break up your thoughts into sections instead of in one long paper which makes it easier to read. You can add in animation to add interest to your Glogster, and you can add color. 

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