Friday, April 24, 2015

Simplify Text with ReWordify

   Rewordify is a site that was introduced to me by one of my amazing colleagues. This tool can simplify text from an entire website or selected portions. Words that that are deemed as challenging will be adjusted to a lower lexile level, and will be highlighted to reflect words that were changed. Rewordify is a great tool to use for research projects; it opens many doors for various site exploration, that would normally be too difficult for students to understand. 
   To use Rewordify, you can either enter in a website URL, which will give vocabulary assistance for the entire website, or you can select certain paragraphs or sentences. 

   This is also a terrific tool to use with struggling readers or ELL students to assist with vocabulary acquisition. Rewordify is a site that can be used across the curriculum and is a great addition to any classroom.

~Deanna Boesch

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