Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dear Diary....

Writing Across the Curriculum

Generally, students love to write. If you ask them to write about themselves, they may write a book. Students get better at writing by practicing to write! I am sure many of you have a daily writing activity, regardless of the class you teach. If you were to gather up writing samples throughout the year, you would be able to show the steady progress your students have made. Studies have shown that students will type more than they write/print. That has always been true when I worked with students.

I recently had a request from a classroom teacher who was trying to add a new twist to a project. Her students were going to "become" someone fighting during the war. She wanted them to be able to share their experiences and what they were learning each day from the view of a soldier. 

Have you seen the "My Diary" app? This would be a wonderful way to pull up one students work, and see their progress in writing conventions. Students can not only write with this app; they can also add pictures, tables, highlight text, add bullets and headings, and add links to external materials. It is easy to use. The option for a larger font, makes it kid friendly for younger friends. They can have more than one diary, so they could be writing for different classes.

Use the settings tab to link your files and labels so that they Export to Google Drive.

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