Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teacher Feature: Paula Yeager

"It's Not About Me.  It's for My Kids!"

Paula Yeager is an inspiration.  Although she will tell you that she is not the most "tech savvy" person on the planet, she goes above and beyond to ensure her students are using the latest and greatest digital tools.  She is also a member of The Sandhills STEM Fellowship Cohort.  This is a program through Discovery in Charlotte.  

Mrs. Yeager, still considered a "beginning teacher," has been teaching 6th Grade Science at Southern Middle School for only three years and says that the reason she started teaching was because she just wanted to do something different.

I asked Mrs. Yeager the following questions and was captivated by her responses.

What is beneficial about implementing technology in the classroom?

It gives the students a chance to be creative. They take responsibility for their learning. It is THEIR world. They have to know how to use what they will be using the rest of their life!

Have you seen a change in your students since the Chromebooks?

I have seen a change for the better. They are more on task, they are more engaged and they seem to be enjoying learning. My students enjoy helping other students with digital tasks. They are not afraid to ask their peers questions.  Technology levels the playing field.  Students who may seem to be shy or even labeled as "behavior problems," rarely struggle in my classroom.  They thrive on the challenges of digital projects. 

Why are you so technology forward in your science classroom?

It's not about me, it's for my kids. At my age, I could care less about technology, but when I agreed to teach, I signed up to do what is in the best interest of my kids. It's not that I don't cringe sometimes whenever I learn a new technology, but I want my students to be college ready and again, it's not about me, it's about what is best for them.

           Solar System Thinglink

                                                             Photosynthesis Piktochart  

                                              STEM Principles                                                                            

These are just some examples of Mrs. Yeager's 
Digitally Infused Projects

Meghan’s Thinglink  - Planets

Temiyan’s Slide show with Movenote - Plate Tectonics

Lexi’s Movenote  - Plate Tectonics

Madison’s Google Draw - Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Copy of Padlet - Photosynthesis

Goanimate:  Light waves

Goanimate:  Sound waves

Thank you Mrs. Yeager for being a digital pioneer 
for your students!

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