Friday, January 16, 2015

Paperless Math Class?

The first time I met Mr. Webster he said, "You and I are going to be good friends! I want to learn how to make all my class materials digital and I'm not too good with this technology stuff." Great - we can do that!

First Mr. Webster created a Google classroom account and added all his classes - Math and Science. Codes were shared so his students could join the class. 

The next step was to show him how to scan his documents, creating PDF files which were e-mailed to him. We tackeled accessing them through Outlook and saving them to some "safe location". Mr. Webster quickly mastered this. These files were then added to Google Classroom for students to access. He started by just sharing homework documents, then added classwork. Once he was comfortable with this step, we were (he was) well on our (his) way to a paperless class. 

His next question was, "Why can't I put the test in Google Classroom and create the answer sheet in Schoolnet. It will be graded and go straight to my Powerschool, right?" Absolutely, we can do that!

Apprehensive about the process, Mr. Webster created a six question test. I worked with his students to open the document in one tab and the test in another tab. Students used calculators, paper and pencil to figure out the answers to 
the questions, and mark the correct answer in the test. 

This has been a four month process but how wonderful to look back and see how far we have come! Look at all the paper he has saved which translates to a huge savings for the school!

Way to go Mr. Webster! I am proud of your efforts and the example you are setting for other teachers!

Scanning on Toshiba Printer

Google Classroom


Mr. Webster is a 7th Grade teacher at New Century Middle School.

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