Friday, January 23, 2015

Teacher Feature - Ashley Lynn

As a DIF my schedule is usually slam-packed full of meetings, lessons in classrooms, professional development, and other goodness but I always try to make time to step into Ashley Lynn's 5th grade classroom at Vass-Lakeview Elementary. Each time I pop in, I take something away from her lesson that would make me a better teacher. Whether it's her classroom management, her ideas for making literacy and social studies engaging and meaningful for her students, or her pedagogy. You often hear phrases like "Don't just teach the technology, use the technology to enhance the teaching." That is exactly what happens in Mrs. Lynn's classroom. The technology isn't the focus of her lessons, the curriculum is still the top priority and the instruction is enhanced with the infusion of technology.

I asked Mrs. Lynn to give me an idea of how she plans her lessons with the integration of technology. Here's what she told me:

"I think you have to start by getting students engaged. Once you have them hooked you can go wherever you need to go. We use technology to differentiate our instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners, including students who are auditory and visual learners. I think about those 21st century skills that students will need, not only for the students who will continue their education through college or university, but also those students will join the work force once they graduate from high school. Our students have been given an amazing opportunity with the deployment of Chromebooks for every student in my class. This evens the playing field because some students may not have the opportunity to use a device at home.  I also think it's important for students to publish and share their work because when they get a job they will have to stand up and present in front of their coworkers. I think being able to relate to the students and being able to predict what students will enjoy is very important. I try to plan lessons that I would be excited about as a student."

Mrs. Lynn utilizes a variety of digital tools in her classroom. She truly does a wonderful job of exposing her students to a number of different apps to add to their toolbox so that they have choice when they are creating and producing their work. Here are a few samples of some products that students have created in Mrs. Lynn's class:

Mrs. Lynn is a wonderful teacher to work with. She is open-minded, willing to take risks for the benefit of her students, creative, enthusiastic about her craft, and her students LOVE having her as their teacher. She is an inspiration to me as an educator and I am most positive that she is an inspiration to her students as well. She makes a positive impact on so many lives and Vass-Lakeview is lucky to have her.

- Clint

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  1. Mrs. Lynn is a blessing to Vass-Lakeview. My daughter Ashley loves having her as her teacher. She is a wonderful teacher to have.