Thursday, January 22, 2015

Teacher Feature - Jason Burman

Jason Burman has been teaching for 14 years.  He started out at J. Glenn Edwards Elementary School in Sanford.  He has taught every subject K-5 and High School Health and PE.  Many refer to him as Coach Burman because of his background as a soccer coach. He currently teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math at Crain’s Creek Middle School.  

Math is often considered the most difficult subject for technology implementation.  What could be more effective than the old fashioned pencil and paper while solving your equations?  Mr. Burman is an inspirational digital pioneer.  Every time I enter his classroom I see some form of technology being implemented and his students are always engaged.  

He created his own website so that both students and parents could stay up to date with his assignments.  Students may access classwork and homework assignments, interactive web tools, math games, which he creates, and assessment tools.  He will also post tutorial videos, which students may access at home, if he finds they need extra assistance with certain standards. Even during his planning time, Coach Burman is not only figuring out new technology tools to share with his classes, he also works diligently to create strategies which address the individual needs of his students.  

He especially enjoys using the following tools in his math classes:  

When I interviewed Mr. Burman he stated, “It is important to implement technology in math classes because it allows students to receive feedback immediately.  It allows them to receive instruction on their individual level.  So many programs allow students to be successful at various levels.  It also helps to teach them responsibility by being accountable for their actions online and meeting deadlines.

Hats off to you Coach Burman!  Thank you for your awesomeness!  

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