Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Best Digital Tools of 2014

   For this month's blog, on a cool tool used in digital learning, a colleague and I decided it may be best to recap the "Best Digital Tools" used by teachers in 2014. There were so many foundational tools used this year, which encouraged teachers to step out of the box when it came to digital learning and teaching. As a team, we compiled a list of the top three tools used at schools throughout Moore County.
   First on the list is Kahoot. This tool was an immediate hit at professional development meetings and conferences. Teachers quickly starting integrating this engaging, formative assessment tool in the classroom, and students from all grade levels loved it! A Kahoot quiz can be made by going to and creating a free account. Kahoot allows the user to import pictures, videos, and has unique settings to meet student needs. In addition, this site hosts public quizzes for teachers to use, which helps save on time. If you have not experienced Kahoot with your class, it is definitely worth your while!

  Movenote is another tool that really took off in the fall for Moore County. With Movenote, students and teachers are able to upload various types files to create a presenation. Some file types that users can upload are pdf, jpeg, png, Google Slides, and Powerpoint. After file(s) have been uploaded, the user can then record themselves to make a presentation while their slides run in the background. The operator has complete control over slide/picture advance and can rearrange slides as necessary. Movenote is a terrific way to put a digital spin on oral presentations!

   Last but not least, Google Classroom was reported to be a pivotal tool in schools with chromebooks. With Google Classroom teachers can communicate easily with students and create assignments that are planted directly in students' Google Drive. Management of assignments and sharing resources with various classes is at the core of Google Classroom. Many schools have adopted this approach to a digital classroom, as MCS embraces a Google Apps for Edu environment.

  If you are interested in learning any more about this year's top tools in Moore County, contact your school Digital Integration Facilitator (DIF) or media specialist to get more information!

Deanna Boesch

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