Monday, February 29, 2016

2nd Annual Digital Learning Showcase: a Huge Success!

Crain's Creek Video Game Creators w/Dr. Bob
On the night of Thursday, February 18th, North Moore High School hosted a tremendous showcase of digital learning for our Moore County community!  Students from across all grade levels and schools were invited to participate, with a focus on our northernmost students (North Moore HS, Elise Middle, Highfalls Elementary, Westmoore Elementary, and Robbins Elementary).

Here were the schools that were able to participate and the topics students showcased:

Carthage Elem - Dash and Dot Robotics
Vass-Lakeview Elem - Lego Story Starters
Carthage Elem/Vass-Lakeview Elem/Robbins Elem/Pinecrest HS - 3D Printing Collaboration
Robbins Elem - WeDo Robotics
Aberdeen Elem - 3D Printing & Tinkercad
Elise Middle - Lego EV3 Robotics
Westmoore Elem - Augmented Reality
Westmoore Elem - 3D Printing & Desmos
Westmoore Elem - Lego EV3 Robotics
Highfalls Elem - Touchcas Green Screen Broadcasting
Highfalls Elem - Digital Story Writing
Highfalls Elem - Web Page Design
Highfalls Elem - Blended Math in 3rd Grade (Seesaw)
Southern Middle - iMovie Projects / Song Creation with Soundtrap
Crain's Creek Middle - Video Game Creation with Bootstrap
North Moore HS - Mustang News Team
North Moore HS - Cyber Patriot
North Moore HS - FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics
North Moore HS - 3D Animation

The Pilot wrote up an excellent article about the event from multiple perspectives.  Make sure to check it out here!

Lego Story Starter Projects from Vass-Lakeview ES

The students, their teachers, and the DIFs that support them did an excellent job of showing how digital learning can have a lasting, profound impact on student learning.  It's an exciting time to be a part of Moore County Schools and we look forward to providing more meaningful and innovative digital learning opportunities across all grades and areas!

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