Monday, February 29, 2016

NCTIES Conference Week!

In a close second to Spring Break week, the week of the annual NCTIES Conference is one I look forward to every Spring semester.  Not because it is an entire week off, but because I get to spend a couple of days with some of my innovative colleagues learning about new and exciting ways to incorporate digital tools into instruction.  NCTIES provides a 'breath of fresh air' and allows me the opportunity to learn more about technology from others in the field of education.

A few members of the Digital Integration Facilitator (DIF) Team will be presenting this year at NCTIES.

DIF Presenters

Follow the conference on Twitter with #NCTIES16.  You can also check out NCTIES on Facebook for upcoming events and dates.

Here are a few of my favorite presenters that I try to visit each year:

Some of the sessions I am looking forward to attending deal with:
  • Green Screen Technology
  • Maker Space ideas
  • Coding in the classroom
  • Classroom management with 1:1 environments
  • Deployment processes
  • Canvas LMS 
I can't wait to share what I learn with the faculty and staff of Moore County Schools.  

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