Monday, February 1, 2016

Coding in Math: Video Game Creation With Bootstrap

We all know about the computer games students play, which are designed to increase math skills while making learning fun.

Well, what about teaching students how to create their own video games while infusing math concepts such as: coordinate planes, ratio/proportion, pythagorean theorem, piecewise functions, algebra, and word problems?

  "Many video games we play each day           Games created may also be transferred to apps.
   are on a coordinate plane we don't
   even see."

60 students at Crain's Creek Middle have already created and coded their own video games and will be presenting their finished products at a "Video Game Release Celebration" on Thursday, February 25th from 6-7pm in the CCMS Cafeteria.


Over 100 students at Southern Middle have started this program and are well on their way to publishing their own games as well.  



As a digital integration facilitator, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to join many 6th and 7th grade math classes and share the free lessons and resources available through Bootstrapworld. 

The most amazing thing I have witnessed throughout all the classes that take part in these lessons is that there is always 100% engagement and the lessons are automatically differentiated so they fit the learning styles and needs of every student.  

... it's not easy!

Examples of some game code:




We invite you to check out our Bootstrap Booth at the 2016 MCS Digital Learning Showcase on Thursday, February 18th at North Moore High School.  

In the meantime, we invite you to play some of our games:

Crain's Creek Middle Students:

Jordan C.
Amber W.
Aidan M.
Spencer E.

(Use the up, down, left, and right arrows on your key pad to play.)

Crain's Creek and Southern Middle Schools will also be taking "Digital Learning Day" by storm and completing the Bootstrap Version of "The Hour of Code" on February 17th.

Want to try it too?  Learn the basics of the Racket Programming Language Here!


Update: 3/1/16

First Official Video Game Reveal Celebration Clips

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