Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Howdy Do" with Dash and Dot

   Meet Dash and Dot, the two robots that have started making an appearance in your child's classroom. Dash and Dot take your children on fabulous robotics and coding adventures, while helping them practice skills learned in the classroom. These robots have made appearances at some elementary school classrooms in the county and have been met with open arms!

   Mrs. Vuncannon and Mrs. Garner, kindergarten teachers at Westmoore Elementary School,  have used these robots to assist students in practicing math skills. Students were asked to compare numbers and objects to determine which was greater or less. Not only were the kindergarteners excellent at this skill, but they loved having Dash help them on their math adventure!

   Dylan, a kindergartner, stated that, "Dash was so cool and I loved his dancing when we got the questions right!" Dylan couldn't be more correct! The kids loved having interactions with Dash and it made practicing math skills more enjoyable. This is that unique type of learning that motivates kids to work hard in class, and gives them something to look forward to. Alyssa, another kindergarten student, stated, "Dash was so funny because he kept running around! He was really smart though and I helped him learn math."

   These type of stories are the best to hear! It is refreshing to observe that a subject was interesting and fun for students. It warms my heart to think that students are looking forward to coming to school and seeing what the day has in store for them. Mrs. Vuncannon also had some insight to offer others, who were considering using Dash in their classroom. 

Here is some of what she said:

   "The students really enjoyed the robot. The robot excited the students about their learning and was a good way to check their understanding of the concept of equal, more than, & less than.  The students were motivated to show what they had learned about comparing numbers."     -Mrs. Vuncannon

Thank you again to Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Vuncannon for letting their students experiment with technology and being such strong advocates for its use in the classroom. I truly enjoy working with you and your kids and seeing them explore day to day. Thank you for all you do!

-Deanna Boesch

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