Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Digital School News at Crain's Creek Middle

Our Crain's Creek News Programs always start out with one of the most popular songs.  Students love to request the “Weekly News Song.”  We constructed our own green screen with bulletin board paper.  It is located in Miss Teeter's 8th Grade ELA Classroom.  Her yearbook class plays a huge roll in our digital news program.  

We also keep our school up to speed on the latest sports highlights.  We have recently incorporated academic highlights for the week, as well as book recommendations and student features.

Every news program includes at least one commercial either created by me, Mrs. Reynolds, or the students.  It's the best advertising around!

We enjoy interviewing both staff and students.  The CCMS News Team also covers music and the arts.  

Our goal is to eventually connect with other middle schools around the country and world to share and compare our programs.  

If you are interested in viewing archived or future episodes, please visit my website: classreynolds.org and click on the Crain's Creek Digital News Link.

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