Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Featuring Westmoore Elementary's Technology Club


 This year one of my goals was to increase students' global connections, while implementing Common Core in the classroom. Students need to have a voice when it comes to their education and need to be awarded the opportunity to collaborate with others. KidBlog is the perfect platform for beginning bloggers to share and gather ideas. 
   In this month's student feature, I decided to share what our Technology Club at Westmoore Elementary has started. In addition to exploring apps, devices, and concepts in technology, we will be blogging on a bi-weekly basis. Students in the club range from grades 6-8, and have no previous experience with blogging. 
   At our first meeting, students were able to make their first entry on KidBlog, and share a little about themselves. I have never seen so much excitement when asked to complete a writing assignment/entry. Students were eager to share their writing with each other, and other students around the world. 
   Below is a link to our Technology Club blog, and we are eager to hear others responses to our posts. We have only met one time, so currently our blog is still in its beginning stages. I am excited to explore with our Technology Club and share their wonderful ideas and creations.

Check back with us frequently to see what we are learning!

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