Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Teacher Feature - TJ Martin and Holly Blackmon

For this "Teacher Feature" I would like to highlight TJ Martin and Holly Blackmon.  These two teachers are a part of a special Blended Learning classroom in Moore County.  TJ Martin is a math and science teacher at Crain's Creek Middle School.  Holly Blackmon is the only middle school teacher at the Community Learning Center at Pinckney who specializes in English and Social Studies.  Mr. Martin and Mrs. Blackmon collaborate on a daily basis to effectively plan engaging lessons for the Blended Learning classroom.

As the only middle school teacher at the CLC, principal Shaun Krencicki came up with an awesome idea to live stream TJ Martin's math and science lessons into Holly's classroom using Google Hangouts.  When the program first began, we had some bumps in the road but now things seem to be running very smoothly.  The students really enjoy the lessons through Google Hangouts and their level of engagement is through the roof at CLC.

I recently presented the Blended Learning classroom to the Moore County Board of Education with a short video (below).

This type of learning has been a success thus far and we will continue to find ways to use the technology of Moore County Schools to reach learning styles of all our students.

Tyler Callahan
Digital Integration Facilitator

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