Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Teacher Feature - Jasmine Covington

For this "Teacher Feature", I would like to highlight North Moore High School Social Studies Teacher, Jasmine Covington.  Ms. Covington is a second year teacher that is also a graduate of North Moore High School.  After attending my weekly "Tech Thursday" sessions, I can always count on Ms. Covington to take advantage of the cool, digital tool of the week I present the staff. 


From the image above, Jasmine is a true Leader when it comes to using technology in her classroom.  She has incorporated new tools like Nearpod, Kahoot and Zaption in her AP Geography class.  She has expressed that her students remain engaged throughout the class period.  This type of engagement boosts student learning and student morale in her classroom.  I am proud of Jasmine and I know that she will continue to be a leader of technology implementation in the classroom at North Moore High School.  

Jasmine notes, "I absolutely love utilizing technology in the 21st century classroom!  Attending Tech Thursday's have taught me various ways to bring history alive using student Chromebooks.  I thank Mr. Callahan for educating North Moore High School teachers on how to incorporate fun and technological activities in lesson plans."

Tyler Callahan
Digital Integration Facilitator

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